A Table of Too Noisy Pro Features

Over the last two years many user suggested features have been added to Too Noisy Pro. The table below highlights these.

Indicate excessive Noise levels Visually and in real time
Volume Sensitivity adjustment - to allow for both quiet and noisier activities!
Display on secondary devices e.g. Projectors, Monitors, TV's etc. (requires iPad2 and above, iPhone 4s and above)
Facebook Integration
Send a Suggestion to the Developer for future enhancements
Twitter Integration
A Pause button which freezes the needle - so the teacher can address the class (NEW)
Alarm Preview
Switch Audible Alarm on/off
Digital % readout of Sensitivity Setting on slider to aid setting future Alarm Levels
Counter to record the number of times the Alarm has been triggered
Simulated screen cracking and audible alarm
Reset Button for Alarm Counter
Record your own Alarm
Programmable Presets for Sensitivity Control
Switch the Screen Cracking Feature ON/OFF (NEW)
Damper Option to stop the needle bouncing around if a door slams etc. (NEW)
Star Awards - Star Awards can be Awarded after a certain amount of time or taken away automatically when the Alarm is triggered. (NEW)
Star Awards can be shared via email (NEW)
Star Awards - The amount of time to elapse without the Alarm goes of can be adjusted between 1 and 15 minutes (NEW)
Star Awards - The amount of Star Awrads currently awarded is displayed on the settings screen (NEW)
Star Awards can be manually awarded or taken away (NEW)
Star Awards can be switch ON or OFF (NEW)
The user can now select how long any Alarm sounds for. (NEW)
Select from a number of predefined Alarms
A choice of 6 Background Themes (NEW)
7 Dial Themes to used in combination with any of the 6 Background themes


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