Great app!

“My students love it ! Students have fun just being quiet. I had not used this since last year. I love the new backgrounds and the addition of the star system. Also thank you for adding the pause button, it makes it nice when I need to speak to give further directions. Nice product, keep up the good work.”

by Horspedler  United States


Great app

“I teach arts at elementary levels so different s groups and ages. This app is so useful because they can actually see if they are a bit loud and check how many starts gain or lose ;)”

by adrykho  United States


Awesome improvements!

“I hadn’t been using this app this year in my classroom, because I had used it last year (spring 2013) prior to the updates that you recently made, and I found it was somewhat limiting for my liking. But I was just revisiting it today and discovered what you’d added–the new screens, the ability to control the alarm length, and the addition of the star earnings among others. This really opened up some options for me to use with my 2nd graders. I’m going to get started with it again first thing on Monday morning!! Thanks for improving your product.”

by Beardease  United States


What a great idea!

“As a teacher, this is an amazing app. I had only commented today that wouldn’t be great to have an app to show the kids how loud they are. Many teachers agreed! I love the alarm, especially since I can record my own voice- I do get tired of repeating myself. This is a “must have” if you have a classroom!”

by E.B. Rico  Canada


Works like a charm!

“This app is amazing! I’ve been a teacher for 5 years and I don’t know how I did it without it. My only suggestion would be to include some themes for older students such as high school. Also it would be nice to count the time without alarms going off so we can reward the students for it.”

by Mr. Aaron G.  Mexico


Great App!!!

“I encourage every teacher to buy this and will recommend it to all teachers. Great visual for my special day class!”

by BRad80085  United States


 Fabulous in Class

“Most of my students love this tool. The whole classroom dynamics have changed since I’m using it. Check out Classdojo as well. Two amazing classroom management helpers!”

by Tickytour   Australia


Wonderful app

“This is a wonderful app. I’m no longer having to constantly tell me students to work quietly. They can visibly see if they are too loud, and quiet each other down. This is saving my voice a lot!”

by sheep722   United States


Too Noisy Pro

“Really great app! I use it on my family to scare them”

by cjweisser    United States


Too Noisy Pro

“Excellent for keeping my class on task and at a desired noise level. Students love this app, a great class management tool and a lot less cost involved than the $150 yacker tracker! Many classes use a traffic light warning system, would be great to see a design using a traffic light 🙂 Thank you for a great app!”

by CAnKeats   Australia


Too Noisy Pro

“Love the app! It actually works with a classroom of 24 noisy Colombian kids. That being that I wish I could play soft music with the IPad app at the same time Too Noisy is opened. All in all great stuff!”

by Mr B:)  United States


Too noisy is too awesome!

“This app has been a tremendous help in my classroom. Has saved me countless times of repeating “excuse me, it’s too noisy in here!” This gives the students a chance to self-correct and they are very motivated to keep Mr. Happy smiling. We have contests to see if we can make the noisy alarm go off less than our last class, and there are treats for making it go off zero times in a class too. The free version is amazing, but definitely worth the 99 cents to get the counter and alarm too.”

by Teacher!!33  Canada



“Love the app, kids like it too, saves your voice and nagging”

by Louiswilde  United States



“I absolutely love this! I tried the lite version and my class really thought it was cool. They asked me to keep using it. They are a group of wonderful kids but they can get pretty chatty and loud during activities. I told my colleagues it would even be better with a counter and some kind of warning sound. Imagine my delight when I realized the PRO version had all the things I wanted. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow. I just hope the alarm doesn’t give ME a heart attack.”

by Teachingdiva58  United States


From the dad

“Downloaded this on the road. Best. App. Ever. The kids can play and laugh and have fun and can see how loud they’re getting.”

by MSheanJones  United States


Love it

“I really like this app because as a substitute teacher, it helps me with classroom management!”

by Jennyjoe020  United States


My students LOVE this

“They actually beg me to use it. I don’t always want to because sometimes I’m using my iPad for something else, but it’s great to keep them wanting more. Also, the people behind the product are very open to suggestions.”

by TwonkyKitty    United States


Love it!

“Use it on an iPad 2. Helps me monitor an elementary school cafeteria. Works great because it is accurate and consistent. The bright display is easily seen throughout the whole room. Would love to see an option of a decibel reading.”

by Squidley42  United States


Middle School Teacher

“I have only used this two days and my students love it. It is the first thing they ask for when we start group work. I place it under the document camera so the students can monitor themselves.”

by Horspedler  United States



“I can’t begin to explain how effective this app is, a noisy class of students will really respond to the visual movement of the noise needle in a positive way, especially when you explain that each time the alarm goes off means a minute after school. Brill.”

by Jimmerstrac  United Kingdom




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